Two Dreams and a Small Revelation

Two nights ago Darling had a dream about me.

I became possessed by some evil entity and began spending all of my time and energy trying to attack him. He had to restrain me in a straight jacket and hold me inside some kind of spell circle. For three days he sat in a chair next to the circle, watching me, and the entire time I just tried to break free and get at him. Then I escaped and came after him, and he had to keep restraining me. He began searching for why this had happened to me, and trying to find a way to make me normal again. Some unknown third party told him that there was nothing he could do but perform this ritual that would not heal me, but would kill me.

He didn’t want to do that, so for 4 more days he continued to restrain me each time I broke out of my bonds. I became so crazed that I severed my own arm just to get at him. Eventually he broke down and performed the ritual, which ended in him having to burn my body.


Last night I had a dream about Darling.

I’ve recently begun to tell him bits about my tarot experiences, and I’ve been unsure how much he believes it, but am hopeful. In the dream: He began reading tarot too, and it turned out that he was some sort of prodigy. He was much better than me at reading the cards (this happens a lot with many activities we do together). He began to draw power from the cards and he could kind of bring them to life. He started reading people’s cards and making specific card selections that would do his bidding. It was terrifying, how much power he had over the cards. It was almost like he was crazed and became obsessed with the cards and their power.


It occurred to me this morning that tarot is deeply a part of my life now, and when we move to South Carolina I might consider a small side project of reading cards for others. This thought provoked a reminder of my grandfather (my father’s father). My dad’s family is from South Carolina; his father left their family as soon as my dad was born. He has never met his father and thus I have never met my grandfather or even seen a photo of him. About 20 years ago we heard news of him, that he was a fortune teller. Funny that I should have something like this in common with the one relative of mine I’ve never met.



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