Chiron is My Yod


Ever since I acquired my natal chart and thus learned that I have a Finger of God (Yod) pointing to Chiron, I have held Chiron close to my heart. Today I am going through some difficult self-discovery issues, and coincidentally I was reminded of Chiron this morning.

My good friend at Chirotic Journal posted this message on his twitter/Facebook:

Chiron is about wounding, but the true wisdom lies in seeing that it represents a wound that cannot be healed. The only workable response to your Chiron placement therefore is to broaden, deepen and embrace the pain. Chiron is problematic when we try to deny, run away from or protect the wound: by accepting it we become profoundly more compassionate and functional human beings.

And when I commented about still coming to terms with my Chiron Yod, he replied with this:

A Yod to Chiron is just about as tough as it gets, so I do sympathise. It means that you cannot ignore this placement even if you want to and you have a (I believe) 4th house Chiron too, so it’s an especially vulnerable feeling. I think with 4th/Cancer/Moon aspects to Chiron you are always going to be battling with security and safety issues. No amount of armour is going to make you feel 100% safe, so at some point there has to be a reconciliation with the world, and you have to live your life as an “openly vulnerable” human being.

In case you’re wondering, he couldn’t have been more accurate if he tried. I’ve realized that I have been trying to build up armor, and getting frustrated because it wasn’t working. Openly vulnerable. Such choice words. So dead on. Perhaps it is time to accept my fate and learn better how to abide by this. Whew.


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