Fate and Her Solace

When faced with a choice, usually as part of a small group, where a decision can’t seem to be reached, I often suggest that we flip a coin for a quick answer. For some reason, I am often met with denials. They don’t want to leave the decision to chance, yet they don’t want to have to make the decision either. At least I am proactive enough to seek The Universe for a solution! My boyfriend (we’ll call him Darling) is one who always refuses. He never wants to leave things to chance; he shakes his head when I insist on asking the Magic 8 Ball (just for fun!) for an answer; he refuses to accept anything as luck, good or bad.

Right now he and I are faced with a pretty big decision. One that has the potential to drastically change our lives, and quickly. We are somewhat stuck on the fence, knowing that the opportunity could be amazing for us, but operating with some trepidation due to how much things will change (even if temporarily). So as we drove home last night, in our separate cars (which is unusual for us), I took the opportunity to reflect. And in my sleepy haze, I kept him gently in the cradle of my mind as I whispered to the Magic 8 Ball, “Should Darling go forward with this?” The answer: Most Likely.

Like most answers from The Fates, this one was partially non-committal. It also pretty much confirmed my thoughts on the topic. Most likely, this is the best course of action. I took this as a sign, a comfort, that if we choose to move forward with this, it will be a positive change and things will be okay. We’ve done a lot of thinking, discussing, researching, and planning over the past couple of weeks, but it wasn’t until after Fate answered me that I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe it was just because I was so sleepy and thus felt comforted by a positive response. Nonetheless, I have not told Darling about my meeting with the 8 Ball last night. Its answer was only for me anyway.

And now as we are slowly taking steps in this new direction, I find myself tingling with anticipation for things to come. I find myself heaving quavery sighs as I think about the they’re-only-temporary changes. I find myself almost unable to comprehend the biggest change that might be coming — much sooner than either of us expected. And so I find myself, once again, seeking solace in The Cards.

I chose the Lovers Path deck this time, since it seemed appropriate.

Eight of Cups - Lovers' Path Tarot   VI The Lovers - Lovers' Path Tarot   Ten of Cups - Lovers' Path Tarot

ContextEight of Cups
Meaning: Change; leaving the known for the unknown, changing one’s path. Could this be any more relevant?
Illustration: A woman caring for her lover. A ship out to sea in the background (very meaningful). Whew.

FocusThe Lovers
Meaning: Love, trust, bonding, optimism, trials overcome. This is it. This is what will make or break the decision. This is what is bringing us even closer together, and making us face some decisions and make certain plans.
Illustration: A couple united in a deep embrace. They appear very connected and close. They also look introspective, as if preparing for, or reuniting from, a separation. Sigh.

OutcomeTen of Cups
Meaning: Lasting happiness, fortunate marriage, perfection of human love, honor, virtue. Holy. Effing Shit. I don’t think I need to say anything more.
Illustration: A happy couple, comfortably embracing under a large tree, on a cozy shore. This looks very much like my dream future, I have to say. (In other card illustrations, there are children running about. I like that this one has no children, just the couple.)



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